How to Winterize Your Vehicle

With the temperatures starting to drop here in Richmond, VA, and the winter on its way, it is time to start thinking about winterizing your vehicle. The harsh freezing cold temperatures that the winter months bring can take a toll on your vehicle, and getting ahead of the cold by preparing your vehicle beforehand can save you the stress and cost related to finding yourself in a breakdown situation in the cold. What does it mean to winterize your vehicle? Essentially, there are certain measures that you should take as a vehicle owner which will help your vehicle better handle the freezing temperatures ahead. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need a handful of services or repairs - it just means that you may need to have some inspections performed and take care of any needed services now before they affect your vehicle in the winter. Here are ways that you can winterize your vehicle: Have your car battery tested for charge and cleaned if necessary. The winter we ... read more